About Citybeach Pool Care

I entered the pool industry over 15 years ago installing solar, gas and electric pool heating for a local Sunshine Coast company. This work saw me doing heating installations in Townsville, Hervey Bay, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Gold Coast and many other areas in between.

Citybeach Pool Care was then started in April 2003 as a mobile service. We contracted to pool builders and heating companies, undertaking many aspects of swimming pool plumbing, from the pre-plumb of new pools right through to the final install of filtration equipment, chemical start ups and hand overs, as well as ongoing pool maintenance. We also continued to install pool-heating systems. In mid 2008 the focus of the business was shifted to centre more on building a solid client base, specialising in pool maintenance.

Mid 2009 saw the company invest in a computerised pool testing system set up in the vehicle, which can provide clients with a print out of any chemical tests undertaken, the results of which give our clients a written historical database of their pool chemistry.

Residential ponds have also become a facet of our work - from the installation of plumbing and filtration in basic reflection ponds, through to Bio-ponds, containing fish and plants. We can also stock fish and plants into these ponds, supply bio chemicals and provide an ongoing maintenance service.

A variety of pool chemicals are carried on-board the vehicle, along with some basic accessories including leaf rakes and broom heads etc. We have access to a wide variety of pool equipment brands for replacement parts - from hose segments for automatic pool cleaners through to chlorinator cells (genuine and non-genuine), pumps, filters and just about everything in between. Non-stocked items can usually be ordered and arrive within a few days.

If you need help with the ongoing maintenance of your pool or pond, require replacement parts for your pool equipment or new accessories, want your pool filtration relocated or need a completely new installation, give us a call - we can help with your needs.

Dave Johnston